Monday, September 5, 2016

ATP World Tour Federer vs Agassi US Open 2004 QF ENG Full match

    In 2004, Roger Federer was coachless.  It was exciting to watch him figure out how to play with a fully developing game. And the US open was a major test. In this match, commentated by the dynamic duo of Ted Robinson and John McEnroe, Federer deals with all the tests of the US Open. The night match with a pro Agassi crowd.And the craziest wind I have ever seen the next day.

Andre Agassi was at the top of the game. He had played a brilliant Australian Open Semifinal earlier in 2004 against Marat Safin. He dictates these points making the world number one run and problem solve. 

Federer mainly gets out of trouble with his first serve in the first set. In the second set Agassi uses the crowd to his advantage and Federer shows no emotion. The third set is dead even when it starts to rain at night. Federer suddenly closes out the third set to go up two sets to one. Rain stops proceedings.

The next day the match is continued in extraordinary winds. Agassi is the better wind player and adjusts quickly taking the forth set. Federer battles back to win in the fifth. He lets out all of his pent up emotion. He knew this match was groundbreaking for his career. I invite you to fill in what I left out about this match in the comments below.

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