Thursday, March 26, 2020

How Fognini beat Nadal

Fognini beats Nadal

Above are highlights
Below is the full match

Its a shame most players cant hold theur nerve long enough to beat Nadal.
But if you keep the ball deep and hit good serves Nadal will drop it short.
And then hes harmless he will just go down the middle most of the time. Its batting practice just tee off play every shot with a purpose. You will have the crowd on your side. If you should falter its another win for the overrated champion Nadal. He will probably finish with the most grandslams but you can like him. But for me he doesnt take the bull by the horns and take it to his opponent right away. He plays the much more patient and boring route of waiting his opponent to miss. I have fell asleep watching Nadal break Vilas consecutive wins at French Open match. He doesnt care about variety, the history of the game or playing exciting creative offense.

I like when Nadal played against someone like Tommy Robredo or Lleyton Hewitt and was forced to take the offense from the get go.
Showing that he is capable.
The GOAT is about more than just numbers.
Painters and bull fighters are judged on their best days. What Djkovic and Federer do offensively takes tremendous skill. A worthy achievement. But more than likely the percentages will favor that they make errors going for so much. Nadal will likely finish with most grand slam titles after its all said and done. But this doesnt make him the best or most exciting.

Monday, September 9, 2019

2019 us open Nadals gamesmanship

I will say what no one else will. The key difference in the match was Nadal's gamesmanship in the fifth set. While Nadal has bullied his way to getting proper time to plan his serve and the point. And all the mainstream outlets were faulting the umpire for enforcing the time violation rules. Nadal doesnt care about the viewers.
Nadal repeatedly threw off Medvedev's serve by putting his hand up. Repeatedly stealing aces from Medvedev. Danil was deprived of serving when he felt right. Deprived of being able to focus on his point construction, and visualization of his muscles working perfectly in his service motion. Nadal succeeded in getting inside his head via his return routine of getting a towel, giving himself an enema, and holding up his hand. Nadal gets away with not playing to the servers pace. This cost Medvedev being broken early in the fifth. This made a difference. Dont fall for Nadals fake humility.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Nadal playing well 2019 Rogers cup

To illustrate im a reasonable person to converse with im giving Nadal credit when he deserves it.

Just started watching the 2019 rogers cup final and i love Nadals style of play. He is playing the interesting style he is capable of.
I think its because his boring loop to the backhand wont work against the tall powerful Danil Medvedev. Who has a good backhand.

So Nadal is opening up thw court with great angles. Playing quick strike tennis. If he continues to play like this each week. I will be one Nadal critic quieted.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Mad respect for Kyrgios wimbledon 2019

Nadal with his fake humility leads the public to preceive as things going Nadals way equals class. And resistance is unclass. Nadal wants his opponents to respect him so its easy for Nadal to win. Self interest.

No one can beat Nadal in a respectful mindset even if theyre playing well. You need an element of being a warrior against Nadal to beat him. The only way to truly do that is to hate Nadal. You hate him for his voring and selfish pursuit of winning. He does it through his boring grinding style.
He is not a pusher but its the same result he primarily waits for his opponent to miss.

He doesnt care about the fans being entertained via short rallies with tremendous shot making. Bringing back all the shots in the history of the game to display. He just wins with boring power.

Kyrgios let the tennis world down in his 4 set loss to Nadal. He didnt have enough footwork in those tiebreaks hence all the errors. You never see Nadal take unnecessary risks just plays it safe.

Kyrgios is entertaining and has a good chance as anyone to finally knock Nadal off his perch. This is because Kyrgios doesnt buy into Nadals bullshit when he demands that everyone respect him and go down without a fight. That is self interest from Nadal. If he truly cared about the game hed speed up his game and stop trying to ice his opponents before they serve.

It will be a great match when someone beats Nadal. Hopefully itd be in the quarterfinals. This would allow the player to recover from the needless boring exhaustion a Nadal match puts you through. And would allow said player to play a short match full of exquisite shot making. And then still be fresh for a shotmaking contest type of final.

Then the tennis world would see that Nadal is truly lacking on the entertainment side. As he refuses to play the game in way that plays tribute to the old champions of the past who relied on skill over brawn.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Nadal isn't all he could be

Nadal cries foul when anyone says a disparaging word towards him. He wants everyone to awe over him and be nice to him so he can be a warrior on court and beat them in the dullest fashion. I respect these guys for challenging Nadal and his show of acting humble. I wish many more wins over Nadal by these exciting characters and others like them. Nadal is a cancer to the game. No respect for the history of the game and all the shots lost along the way. Federer tries to play homage to it by playing with variety. Nadal just bludgeons the ball from the baseline. He is above average striker of the ball but just hits to the backhand corner continuously. He is a superior olympic like athlete that wins all his majors off the opponents unforced errors. 67% of his majors at the French. He is in no way the greatest player of all time. Soo many shots missing from his repetoire. Cant serve and volley like Sampras. His serve sucks for that matter. Cant hit a kniving volley. Cant creatively slice the ball. Cant slice lob. Refuses to take offense right away and play the angles game as well as Marcelo Rios. Cant serve 140mph. People saying this simply dont respect the game and therefore that the GOAT can be so much more. The GOAT will combine all styles from all of history. Thousands of different shots. The game is just becoming too physical and with too little shot making. Nadal leads the charge causing guys like Mats Wilander, pat Cash, kafelnikov to no longer tune in. Many people dpnt watch when Nadal makes the final. Federer is closer to Nadal for being the GOAT but he isnt it either. If he was he would have been able to dispatch Nadal easily throughout the years as he merely keeps the ball in play unless someone rolls it in the court. Props to Federer for getting to so many more clay finals than Nadal made faster court surface finals. Thus Nadal inflated the head to head. I loved when Kohlschreiber beat Nadal 6-0 in a set. Just not enough consistency to finish. Nadal just keeps it down the middle enough to win. Would have been nice if the GOAT had been around to dominate over Nadal. And ppl would learn the game by learning every shot. How to construct points like Marcelo Rios etc. Then maybe the US would have another major champion. With Nadals utter domination over so many great players (simply by keeping the ball in play down the middle til the player with balls missed) its easy to forget their contributions to entertaining tennis. In addition to the matches in this video. Check 2018 wimbledon del potro vs Nadal.
2011 french open isner vs nadal.
Usually when Nadal is losing a match he will quit rather than give the satisfaction of victory to his opponent. Or he will blame the injury for the loss. Or occassionally he will overly build up the player who beat him ( " future numver one, will win many majors") putting  too much pressure on them before they fully developed. Every act is calculating and evil. Nadal is the greatest sin to the artistry of tennis.