Friday, July 5, 2019

Mad respect for Kyrgios wimbledon 2019

Nadal with his fake humility leads the public to preceive as things going Nadals way equals class. And resistance is unclass. Nadal wants his opponents to respect him so its easy for Nadal to win. Self interest.

No one can beat Nadal in a respectful mindset even if theyre playing well. You need an element of being a warrior against Nadal to beat him. The only way to truly do that is to hate Nadal. You hate him for his voring and selfish pursuit of winning. He does it through his boring grinding style.
He is not a pusher but its the same result he primarily waits for his opponent to miss.

He doesnt care about the fans being entertained via short rallies with tremendous shot making. Bringing back all the shots in the history of the game to display. He just wins with boring power.

Kyrgios let the tennis world down in his 4 set loss to Nadal. He didnt have enough footwork in those tiebreaks hence all the errors. You never see Nadal take unnecessary risks just plays it safe.

Kyrgios is entertaining and has a good chance as anyone to finally knock Nadal off his perch. This is because Kyrgios doesnt buy into Nadals bullshit when he demands that everyone respect him and go down without a fight. That is self interest from Nadal. If he truly cared about the game hed speed up his game and stop trying to ice his opponents before they serve.

It will be a great match when someone beats Nadal. Hopefully itd be in the quarterfinals. This would allow the player to recover from the needless boring exhaustion a Nadal match puts you through. And would allow said player to play a short match full of exquisite shot making. And then still be fresh for a shotmaking contest type of final.

Then the tennis world would see that Nadal is truly lacking on the entertainment side. As he refuses to play the game in way that plays tribute to the old champions of the past who relied on skill over brawn.

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