Thursday, March 26, 2020

How Fognini beat Nadal

Fognini beats Nadal

Above are highlights
Below is the full match

Its a shame most players cant hold theur nerve long enough to beat Nadal.
But if you keep the ball deep and hit good serves Nadal will drop it short.
And then hes harmless he will just go down the middle most of the time. Its batting practice just tee off play every shot with a purpose. You will have the crowd on your side. If you should falter its another win for the overrated champion Nadal. He will probably finish with the most grandslams but you can like him. But for me he doesnt take the bull by the horns and take it to his opponent right away. He plays the much more patient and boring route of waiting his opponent to miss. I have fell asleep watching Nadal break Vilas consecutive wins at French Open match. He doesnt care about variety, the history of the game or playing exciting creative offense.

I like when Nadal played against someone like Tommy Robredo or Lleyton Hewitt and was forced to take the offense from the get go.
Showing that he is capable.
The GOAT is about more than just numbers.
Painters and bull fighters are judged on their best days. What Djkovic and Federer do offensively takes tremendous skill. A worthy achievement. But more than likely the percentages will favor that they make errors going for so much. Nadal will likely finish with most grand slam titles after its all said and done. But this doesnt make him the best or most exciting.

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