Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Robert Hurley Jr Tennis Teaching Professional

This is just a small sampling of my skills. I can also hit drop shots on the backhand side. I have variety in my game like Dimitrov and Federer. I won 17 matches at the Division 2 level. My preferred style is an all-courter that opens up the court with angles. I can hit the ball hard but would rather run my opponent mercilessly outside each doubles alley. I enjoy punishing short balls from my opponent and attacking the net behind these approach shots. To accomplish this amount of control and precision I have stuck with the same racquet for over 10 years. My racquet of choice is the Wilson N code open Pro. This racquet was the choice of the Bryan Brothers.  My friend Tim is feeding the ball with one of my N code pro open racquets. Tim is available for video projects. Just email him at You can test out the N code pro open for as little as 35 dollars on Ebay. Click the link below.

N code Pro open tennis racquet

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