Thursday, April 19, 2018

Chang vs Rios 1997 Australian Open Part 2

Never forget point at 1:20. That is how you construct a point. And Rios is so far ahead of the ball with his anticipation that he is never sprinting to the ball even when being run side to side. Instead he is just jogging. Chang responds showing he can control the net in the same way although he doesn't hit a volley. Same angles though. A great era of tennis this was. Although Goffin can do some of these tricks.

These two are vastly underrated. Rios is playing quality points from every aspect of the game. He can play up the middle keeping consistent shots with rhythm. He can hit aces. He can volley. He can hit winners on the run. He is an exciting player to watch. Very similar to Nick Kyrgios today. Even a similar name.

Both players can relax physically between the points prevented them from being tired. They never relax mentally until the match is over. The angles, the control, the speed, the winners. That controversial call when the lines person called the Rios serve out before it curved in for an ace. Instead it was a double fault that contributed to the crucial break in the 3rd set.

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