Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Dominic Thiem vs Rafael Nadal 2018 US Open Quarterfinals 5 set thriller

Thiem deserved to win this match. But once again Nadal wins with his safer brand of tennis. Thiem went for more every shot and showed incredible ❤. He misses an overhead after 4 hours and 49 minutes to gift wrap the victory to Nadal. Hopefully Del Potro can beat this cancer on tennis next round. Nadal takes a dump on the progression of tennis shotmaking / artistry by winning with brute physicality and safely looping shots back. He plays just enough offense to win but never enough to wow anybody. Yes, his offensive weapons are top notch, but like Murray, defense is his default style of play. Watch that first set of this match if you want to be wowed. Thiem plays the type of tennis that would grow the game into mainstream culture if he was on top of the tennis world. From the standpoint of the type of shotmaking his opponents redline themselves to hit; Nadal is far less exciting to watch. Its just not possible, it seems, for anyone with good shotmaking or tennis artistry to keep it consistent enough to beat Nadal. He wins by default. He is not the GOAT. Would-be-GOATS just destruct against him. He is the definition of winning ugly. And he has the nerve to criticize Sampras and others who devoted time to mastering the serve and volley craft. Tennis purists know that Nadal is destroying the game.

Nadal's false humility makes it a sin for anyone to dislike him yet he is a fierce warrior dependent on his more talented opponents being soft. He is such an intense warrior if you lose concentration against him for a second it could be over. Agassi hated Sampras at the peak of their rivalry. Where is the competitive hatred for Nadal?   Why is this not acceptable in today's tennis circuit? I think that is the only mindset to beat Nadal a wining percentage of the time. Davydenko and Djokovic each have this calculated edge to them. They each possess a winning head to head versus Nadal. Something unattainable to someone who respects Nadal too much. Its time for each of his opponents to step on the court against him with the appropriate competitive hatred for Nadal. I and others have begun to doubt Nadal's opponents. We fear they haven't the belly to win against him. I fear they must deal with this on the tennis court in the worst possible way. Watch this whole match if you disagree.

All that being said, Nadal has the game to be the GOAT. In my opinion, for him to reach it he needs to make offense his default style of play each and and every point. He needs to always go for the sharpest angles possible; He must not be content with just keeping the ball in play. He must waste less time between points. Nadal needs to serve quicker and with more variety. He needs to hug the baseline and also learn all the aspects of the net game. And save his tremendous defense as a last resort. Then I'd wave the Egyptian palm branches over his feet. And he'd have a longer career.

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